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“Zero Space” is Neutrality Only but, not Nihility

The arrow which is fit into the bowstring although looks as 'straight line'…, with that there would be no steadiness, for the angles, which are formed between bowstring – and bow. In the beginning – and end of the arrow, the imaginary circular shape microcosm of the centroid, is zero angle only! Its existence too is the same! The micro point of its target in the center is zero only, so also, for spherical shape, or circular shape, surface, when that is considered, as a whole, will there be chance, for right angle? In its inner 'core', when straight lines (180 degrees) are imagined, as north and south, 'vertically', and as east and west horizontally, based on their mutual 'point' of intersection, formation of four equal angles is indeed natural! If so, when the Cosmic Microcosm, of the center of this point of intersection, is imagined, it's is indeed a zero state only! Well, along with other planets, satellites, the state of earth (globe) also should be this only, indeed! There may be difference of planet, globe. That too only for the surface!... If so, the 'horizon' formed with the sky on the surface, is different, to this.

Upward facing – downward facing – inward facing… so also upward vision – downward vision – introspection…., along with these, if elevate the head, and can see vertically (90 degrees), then the middle part of sky…., if see down, the land in front of the feet can only be seen. Instead, if fix the eyes at ninety degrees angle face to face and see, that which can be seen is horizon. This, can be seen causing the illusion that as if it is uniting earth and sky…, as a matter of fact, that is indeed mirage union only! What is its angle? There is neither the line of partition, nor the line of union of earth, and sky there. Even so, the existence of, 'zero' of division, which is neither of those two, is present there.

Two straight lines, however they may intersect, 'point' of intersection forms between them. Although that which holds, those four equal angles which are formed thereby, is that point of intersection only, even so, it is not relating to, either angles, or their lines. The Cosmic Microcosm of that point is 'zero' only! So also, if examine with micro vision – suggesting length, and breadth, for every line, there will be two borders for it. Its third dimension (3-D) will be in invisible state (usually). As the center of these three, there will be micro-point. That is, not relating to, three dimensions of that line. Even so, that itself is indeed the center of source for their existence! This is, zero space!

For that reason, upward – downward facingly…., so also, between upward – downward vision, that which is being divided as inward facing, introspection, is just the lines of partition between those two. Between the 'in and out' edges and boundaries, of those two, presence of 'gap' (space), which is neither of the two, is inevitable! The Cosmic Microcosmic point of that neutral space itself is the zero space! Not nihility. For those two, which are present on both sides, on that side and this side, to this zero, with the presence of special (specific) existence, there will be neutral existence, in that zero, which has formed because of those two and which is none of those two….. This is, indeed the point that arises based on the division of those two! This method should be followed, for the understanding of the Cosmic Microcosm of the 'Soul'.

Like this, in the external vision, the existence of matter will be clear. In the internal vision, only its 'neutral' existence will be present. This neutral state itself, in the spiritual practice of ascent meditation, is considered as beyond-materiality spiritual vision. If so, the practice of Dhyanaprasthan, which has started with the sensorium mind, in every stage, it has to first obtain, its complete state.

It is said that, in the practice of physical meditation, closing both the eyes, the vision of both of them, should be fixed on the part of brow which is present in between those two; they say that, in another way only, that itself, the same thing should be done, on the tip of the nose. Eyes, vision of eyes, although are as two, the brow part, or the tip of the nose, the point of concentration of vision, which is fixed on them…., are neither eyes, nor their vision. The microcosmic point of their neutral center, which is neither of the two is, just zero that is not related to anything in eyes, and the vision of eyes! Separate existence, which is beyond the eyes – and their vision, is present in that zero. In that zero, with the "in" of vision of eye its completeness; with its "out", some other thing, which is neither those two, begins. That means, in the zero which is present in between, the end of, physical externality…., and beyond-materiality, internal beginning, the line of separation (partition), of the earth and sky, horizon, is acting, as zero.

Universe – Creation; energy – matter, appearing as mutation, with the relativity of time and space… beginning – its completion; contraction – expansion (microcosm – macrocosm), keep happening, in the universal center (The Mother Universe) 'Absolute Zero' only. At present, that imaginarily, although is felt, in the limits of human material knowledge, as Divine Dimensional, time's is only the final verdict.

Although this is somewhat complex for understanding… if continue the practice and hard work, with doubled determination, with efforts, there would be nothing, which cannot be understood, which cannot be known. External (physical) and internal (not related to physical), the center point of the division (zero) of these two, itself, is the beginning of spirituality. In meditation, this is, internal vision, which appears between, sensorium feeling mind, its thought… and internal feeling which is devoid of thought! This, which is neither materiality (senses), nor spirituality (Soul related), is neutral peaceful mental state only, this internal vision, centralized, zero-point….

In the devotion to God, the physical sensual vision, of the devotee… the form related, external existence, of God, these two, in the state of centralized feeling of devotion, gradually, neutral, internal vision, which is neither of those two, appears. In this state, for the devotee, either the existence of his body, or the existence of external shape, of the statue of God, not, separately, but, in terms of perception, with the nearness to those two, formless, experience of perception, which is neither of those two, and different to them, is caused. That itself is the beyond-materiality, internal vision of unity. The intensity of its feeling, itself, is ecstasy of devotion. When this internal vision from neutrality, reaches the mind, as internal vision and divine vision, the 'memory' (consciousness), of this ecstasy, itself, may be experienced, as corporal vision of God…

In this matter, form – formless; visible – invisible; body – mind; the thoroughness of understanding, of this pairs of opposite related division, the neutrality – unity, present between them, is needed.

Sphoorthi Oum
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