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'X' Chromosome is the Origin – 'Y' Chromosome Originated From it as Supplement/Byproduct…

As a consequence of transmutation of the internal motion, with the division of cell, reproductive potential, and capability appears (not gender division indeed). That itself, in the terminology of genome, can be briefed as "X Chromosome". That means, in the beginning of the origination of the organism, relating with the Bio-matter, it has to be considered that only the 'X' chromosome, was (as the original principle of formation) source for the organism, Bio-matter.

In the passage of time, in various stages, conditions in the evolution of life – internal transmutation, in some special situations, another stage of organism to begin, with a different entity or a natural characteristic from the origin, is something that has been indeed happening always. In accordance with the same principle only, at the level of genome, from 'X' chromosome also, with another form, for another chromosome to form or begin and uncover with different manipulative features is also indeed possible naturally. That itself is 'Y' chromosome. For 'Y' chromosome to become the product of 'X' chromosome and for it to develop or take shape completely, it might have taken a long time. In that same way, 'Y' chromosome, by undergoing transmutation in a different way, may change the present genome entity, in future. In the transmutation of constant motion and consciousness, this is certainly a certainty indeed. Therefore, in connection with Bio-matter, in the terminology of genome, 'X' chromosome is the origin. 'Y' chromosome is the one, which had originated from it as supplement/byproduct… As a result of X-Y chromosome merging (inserting) and combination with the division of gender, with the occurrence of processes of procreation and fertilization to organisms, spread of organisms, change in the formation of species – keeps happening constantly. With the help of the Nature… similar to, the development of botanical through seeds, roots… D.N.A (by undergoing change as R.N.A) development of organisms has been happening. (The cause for research, basis for exploration of rebirth is present in this).

NOTE: After 15 years from now, because of changes in the environment, sperm count shall decrease in humans (males) – because of which there would be infertility in females. In the matter of pregnancy, the role of egg is more. Usually ‘X’ comes from female, and ‘X’ or ‘Y’ comes from male. If so, ‘XY’ or ‘XX’ is the final result. If so, ‘X’, which is released from the egg, separates as double ‘X’ (XX), that ‘X’ (by itself) creating another ‘XX’ or, ‘XY’, may become the cause for another human being [There is an organism in the sea (ocean) – that itself releases ‘X’ – ‘Y’ – the same process would appear in the human race too. Then male would be useful only for sexual pleasure/intercourse but, not for contributing to childbirth].


After the origination of bio and organism, for the origination of that organism too, DNA and RNA, neither these are unprecedented happenings, nor organism has come just like that in air, after it has been created. Its matter – cells – its bio – the instinct bio. The primordial energy has converted into bio. Right from the Universal Energy, by undergoing all these kinds of conversions, to come to this level, organism to appear, this organism too to develop in the path of ascension (in the same way as the Universal Energy comes in different forms of transmutations), here also this organism starting with single cell, through the system of reproduction and fertilization, the chance to give rise to the beginning of another kind of organism has been possible.

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