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There is External Limit for Everything in the Creation

Even for the Creation, which is called entire and immense ovum formed of energy – matter, there is existence, that is, indeed evident, that is, only for the outer of its matter! There is existence, even for its internal energy. Even so, indeed there is no objective appearance, for it! For example, the rooms of groups of seeds, in a pomegranate fruit, separately, with thin layers, have boundary of partition; although there are many, of those kinds, separately…, for all those, as collective, outer, wood like skin, will be enveloping them. Even so, along with that, the entire inner part of it, in the name of pomegranate, is the external limit for fruit. Probably, all fruits having juice may be like this only. So also, for all those within the limit of tree, each of it has its own outer. Crores of neurons, in brain, as parts, and lobes, the qualities and quantities of their functions, although are in various ways, their outer, including skull, we are considering, as head only. So also, living cells, in the entire body, in the form of various organs as parts, although are present separately, in the internal function limit, they have outer limit, even so, all of them together, as one, we are considering, as body. Even so, including head, for the entire body, there is external skin limit. Even the manner of 'atom' is, like this only. The state of ovum – sperm too is this only!

For the materialistic Creation, corporeal externality only! There is no inert, live difference for that. So also, this itself is applicable for microcosm and macrocosm. For any reason – anything, if it crosses it’s outer (finite), that loses its corporeal existence itself. So, anything, only until it is in its outer limit, its corporeal existence.

Inert – Bio, whatever it is, has ‘outer’ limit. That would be fit into that limit only. There is no chance, for the vital elements influenced Nature including the organisms in it everything, to exceed the limit. That itself is ‘sky limit’. Natural instinct! Anything that has physical body and mental relationship, including human being indeed has external limit! So also good – bad, virtuous – evil also have natural limit only! The Satva quality of Gods, Tamas quality of devils too, have limit only. Human scientific knowledge and prudence too is of that kind only! The pairs of opposite of life too indeed has limit! In the materialistic Creation, which has diversity, anything within the limit of shape is diverse only! The influence of ariShaDvargalu too is indeed of that kind only! For that reason, materiality, spirituality – whatever it may belong to, with the attainment of coordination of ‘good – bad’ in them only, there is a chance for good result.

Sphoorthi Oum
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