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The Formation – Transformation of Creation (Summary)

Matter of Creation (Space Matter), although has the characteristic of movement, in the Bio-matter, that has, sensory feeling. The order of Creation, concisely is, Universal Energy…, firstly – as heat energy, that as, cosmic air dust, as the clouds of stars of space, as stars – as galaxies…., in the process of transmutation, as solar clouds – as solar stars – as solar family of its related planets, satellites – the formation had occurred. With 'convertible mutation', Universal Energy, as embodied energy – that, as Space Matter – in favorable circumstances, this itself as matter of Creation, has attained the movement of transmutation. This is, a kind of, perennial and circulate process. In the movement of transmutation, of matter of Creation itself, the planetary temperature, solar clouds' temperature in accordance with mutual, positive and negative circumstances, with the formation of Nature, on the surface of planets – satellites, within the limit of Solar, and with the Bio-matter, consisting of vital elements, birth of organisms, origination of species of organisms, metamorphosis – with positive – negative circumstances, there will be 'existence' of organisms.

Universal Energy, as heat energy of space (Space Energy)… gradually that, changing, into as star energy… that itself as solar energy – as planetary force of wind, thereafter, within the limit of sky (not space) as water – with the formation of land, Space Matter itself, as Bio-matter, undergoing metamorphosis, on land – water – air – fire – sky, in suitability to that, with the beginning of organism with single cell, evolution of life, has happened, as multi-cellular organisms, and species of organisms. With the origination of human being, as the end stage of that evolution, as a consequence of, crores of years of, biological evolution – human being, starting as an organism, along with all other organisms, after the elapse of numerous stages, has reached the modern stage,  from the state of primordial human being. Hereafter except for internal, bio related changes of human beings, there is no chance of undergoing change as another new species. The order of evolution of unicellular organisms, formation of species of organisms, ends with human species.

In this way, with the Bio-matter consisting of vital elements, bodies of organisms, beginning as ovum – fetus only, species of organism, in natural manner, is undergoing physical, mental developmental progress, and improvement..…. Like this, it is as if right from the finite immense ovum of Creation in infinite universe, has come back to its bio related, 'ovum – fetus'.

"Universal Energy" changes into matter… This is present in two types, (matter of internal motion) inertial matter…., Bio matter (matter of motion of bio). Matter of motion of 'bio' can also be called 'Brahman'. In the favorable circumstances of Nature, there is birth of organisms from this matter… Because of inheritance of genome and due to chromosomes, different species live, die in different ways…. For this, natural change is the principal cause. If so, matter will be in three forms – gaseous, liquid and solid. In the internal centers (nucleus) of the matter, the microcosm of Universal Energy will be present as consciousness, motion. The unity, of Universal Energy internal to the entire Universal Matter…. as Supreme Soul – in diversity, that as Soul….  as Jeevatmn in organisms, as Evil Spirit in Nature and the same as Ghost in another state – the Universal Soul, Universal energy, which is the entity of Supreme Soul, is manifested all over the universe in different ways…. In the order of evolution of life, human being appearing, as a final change…. that by developing in different stages…. is continuing in the ascension of, acquiring the 'state of exalted knowledge' as a complete human being having a thoughtful mind, and intelligence. Although every organism, in some or the other form has 'sensation' related 'mind'…. there is uniqueness to the human mind. They have the power to think, and functional intelligence. For matter, centralized Universal Energy is the basis. Since materialistic Creation also, is Universal Energy only, in every organism formed of Bio-matter, the microcosm of that Supreme Soul or Universal Energy, will be present in it internally…. In human being, the same is present as Jeevatmn combined with mind. Through meditation by transforming the physical, sensorium mind, as the one with no instincts, and sanctified, by means of transcending the Jeevatmn, that is combined with it, to conscience – Spiritual Soul, it can be caused to reach in close proximity with Divine Soul – Supreme Soul. This itself is the objective of Dhyanaprasthan and – the ascension of mind.Top of Form


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