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The Big Bang Theory: Is it for the Emergence of Universe or for the Matter of Creation (Space Matter)

Habitually, people say, 'Infinite Universe'. Infinite means, that for which the end or finish is 'not present'. This, which is 'not present' – is it in the 'extent/area' of universe, or is it related to the 'eternal' existence – this 'infinite universe'.

Does it form abruptly (because of Big Bang)? 'Formation', itself means that it has limit, for sure, to some or the other extent. If the present appearance or 'formation' of universe had formed as a cause and effect of 'Big Bang'…, then what was the state before that? What was the cause for the integration of 'infinite' matter, and its centralization that was needed for the explosion of 'Big Bang'? For the 'beginning' of anything and that which has its previous state, there should be 'end' in some or the other form for sure? So also, its 'existence' at least for sometime is inevitable for sure. For the end of 'Nova' – there will be, for sure, something called its 'previous state' and 'movement' (course) for some time. If it is supposed 'no process no existence' – then there should be something called 'stop and start' (magnitude of time required for that may be of any longer) procedure for sure. If eternity is attributed to universe…. then is it not necessary to 'analyze' the subject matter relating to it prior to that, and its certainty? The starting point of circle – turning round in an enclosure – should merge in its initial place itself for sure. With that, boundary, and its limit of area will be formed. Instead, if the starting point goes in straight line also, to whatever distance it may go, it will stop at some or the other place. Thereby its limit and distance will be known. But, that is not its end indeed.

The thing that, science, almost has agreed, 'Big Bang', theory is, indeed certainty. If so, that it, is 'not' for the emergence of universe, has to be certainly thought. It has to be considered that it is related to only for the emergence of matter of Creation (Space Matter). Even so, that is only a "Cosmic (Bang) Explosion" but, not the Big Bang. Like that, it is even not something that has happened only once. In the space, principally, relating to Black Holes, those kinds of things have been happening frequently. Similar to, magnetic explosions, in solar, similar to, volcanic explosions in planets-satellites, in the space too, principally, except for the explosions, happening, in Black Holes, present in Galaxies, not, 'Big Bang' of emergence of universe, specifically. In the universe, there is no chance, at all, for that… Only in the combined existence, of energy – matter, there is chance for explosions.

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