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Source of Materialistic Creation is ‘Proton Nucleus’

The micro, of centralized energy; pervasion of body macro is, indeed natural, of materialistic Creation! Right from the atom until the pervasion of materialistic Creation and right from cell – until the macrocosmic body, this itself is the way of existence of macro – micro! The energy centralized internal part and the externality of pervasion of matter; so also the macro of external body and the micro of Atma-Shakti in it are of this kind only! The Cosmic Microcosm of centralized Universal Energy is – Supreme Soul! Matter is, pervasive all over the Creation; ‘proton’ is, energy micro. Matter, pervasion of physical form Creation, internal and external is, of this kind only. When there is disruption for the beingness of the existence of the centralized energy, there would fission/destruction of matter. (Science atom energy so also, religious belief of indirect characteristic of third eye of Shiva are worthy of examination!). This is applicable to energy – matter internal, external, law of sentiency, and motion. This itself is the way of ‘existence – destruction’ (creation – existence – invisibility) of the Creation. Science nuclear methodology and Proton Drone experiment so also, for the beginning of Creation, Science belief – ‘Big Bang’, these kinds of things only indeed! One has to examine, experiment the matter that Cosmic Microcosm of Energy and the source of Materialistic Creation is the ‘Proton Nucleus’.

Sphoorthi Oum
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