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"Senses – Brain – Mind" and "Force of Gravity – Force & Resistance"

Relating to human – mind, 'force – resistance', which is one among the gravity principles, may be used, for the examination of mind. With the change of surroundings, and circumstances, with the influence of senses, which follow them, the manner of brain, and its mind's quality, in the functional form, would have the characteristics of results. If the quality of mind has to be in a different way, the change, needed for that, should happen in the brain itself, which is becoming the cause for it. However may be the matter of other organs in the body – relating to brain, the information obtained by science is, very less. For that reason, if the mind has to change, in the manner it is required, for human being – if that, has to be within the control of human being – firstly, the basis, required for that, has to appear, in the brain itself. Along with natural change, self-reformation is also needed, for human being. That itself is, the uniqueness of human birth.

The 'action – reaction', 'force – resistance'…, that happens – in immovable – movable manner, internally and externally; in direct – indirect manner; in Creation – matter; bio – organism – life; mind – Soul; materiality – spirituality…, in everything, and the related consequence itself is, the basis, for the existence of inert – bio, Creation and Nature. That itself is, the universal demonstration, of consciousness and movement of energy.

Gravity is, matter related. In accordance with its density, its weight would be, because of gravity. Mind is, an abstract activity of the brain – existed! So, the force – and resistance, related to gravity – does not apply to mind. Either the imagination or its impulsiveness has no image of its own. Most probably, the mind is the sensory functional feature of the brain – that is the sensorium. Is there any effect of gravity in case of the Life Force? No! The blood may have, such a, gravity effect! In accordance with the general physics, so, the mind is an impulsive and the repulsive projection of the brain itself; it may be either good or bad.

If the thing that, what is, gravity? How does, it, appear? Is known clearly – its functional activity would be known but, its origin is not known. It is there – being used. That’s all! Relating to mind, its neuron function, versus – sensory action – the consequence is the abstract feeling of the thought. It may be thought as mind. The thing that, in this process, how gravity functions – should be understood. In this matter, brain neurons – senses – in these two, indirectly, there is gravity influence. If so, in force – resistance, the thing that which one, applicates, to which one, is yet to be known. Because, the science is a stream of supposes, and the perennial process of the experiments. So, the mind is also to be experimented. It may be the functional epithet to the brain and it's sensory. As subject theoretically, as technical experimental process, although gravity, its principles, are being useful, practically, as subject, there is indeed a lot to be known about gravity.

Relating to 'force of gravity', in the gravity principles, formulated by Newton, force – resistance, are important. Physics as subject, the information, relating to it – so also, along with mind, there is a chance to apply, that, to other things too.

'Struggle for existence' is, a bio characteristic. For this, internal, friction, incitation of JIva-Shakti – is needed. The immuno 'resistance', which is intended, for the protection of living cells – in certain circumstances, there is chance that, it may function, as the basis for self-destruction, as living cell antagonist. This, can be examined, in the 'force – resistance' angle too. Including human being – for the organisms on the Earth, movement of Earth related – 'force – resist' gravity, influence would be present.

The way of life, should happen, in all ways, in the manner that, mind only, would be in the possession of human being, is the philosophical advice. For that, to win over, the senses only, is the path, is what the philosophy is, saying. What is, that which has to fight, with the senses? Internally, who is that, 'warrior', who should be in cold war, with senses too, should be known, earlier itself. Pertaining, to 'mind – change', what is that which causes, change – and how? Anything, the cause for change, in direct and indirect manner, at external and internal level, is 'friction' (conflict) only. Friction means – mutually opposing only. Path, whatever it may be – relating to mind too – that should only, happen. That which has to happen like that is, only with brain, which is the basis for mind. Senses are – related to it only.

That there will be reaction, for every action is, indeed the experience of life. That, has to be examined, functionally. Principally, senses, brain, mind… in this order the applicability should be examined, to the gravity principles called, 'force – resistance'. One should examine the scope for the application of scientific principle called 'action – reaction' along with that 'force – resistance', which is similar to it, and one among the gravity principles, to senses, brain neurons, living cells and the functional, invisible relationship, present between them.

While the phenomenon of force & resistance is a natural process (from the Universal Matter until the Bio-Matter), for change, force & resistance, however, can be used experimentally on the brain, the target being “Change in Human Being”. In the matter of senses & brain-mind, in these two, if the senses information is, considered, as force, should it be considered that, the 'movement', of neurons, is reacting, as 'resistance'?.... Because, that which has to be happen, firstly, is action only, that itself, thereafter, is becoming the cause for reaction. That means, in the process, of 'change', force is causing instigation for resistance. In the matter of mind, clarity is, needed, whether the sensory sensation, as force, as action – brain neurons resistance – as reaction, is becoming indirect cause. With this clarity only, there is chance that, force – resistance, as action – reaction, may be made applicable, to brain. For that, qualities and quantities, of the positive, negative, present for the sensory neurons, in the entire body – and for the brain neurons, should be known. Thereby, brain as 'the linking agent' – for the senses, externally, and for the sensory nerves, internally – and its mind, can be studied. For this, along with the subject knowledge – brain's functional, information too should be known.

So, experimentally, when we apply this same force and resistance process on the brain, the first result that we would experience is – the “Human Mind” would come under the control of “Human Being”. Human Being would not go under the possession of Mind (which is happening now). With that, she/he could behave properly, and lead the life properly in a good way. In the practice of Ascent Dhyana, when force and resistance are applied, to Ascent Dhyana, indirectly, change occurs in Human Mind for sure. In the practice of Ascent Dhyana, if we consider the signals, which are sent to the brain through sense organs, as “force”, considering the neurons in the brain lobes as “resist” – it is like constant influencing (force) and controlling (resist). Like this, if we experiment on the brain lobes through the neurons, 'The Mind of the Moral Sanctity' appears. It starts from there. What happens in the next step is – through this process, through KunDalinI Energy through the process of this Dhyana – an attempt would start for formation of "Intuitional Mind". Once its formation starts, human expressions, relations, expectations, and way of lifestyle changes – everything would change. We can see these changes practically. With this force and resistance, base would be formed for Intuitional Mind. Once the Intuitional Mind is formed, through that KunDalinI Energy, the other benefit caused to us would be, brain would be incited (influenced). So, there would be a chance that brain would be active, alert and vigilant all the time. This itself is the concept of DhyanaManoPrasthan. This is scientifically and analytically present method.

If the ‘force – resist’ friction principle, is applied, rendered to, ‘Dhyana – Mind’, which are considered, as mutually opposing, in DhyanaManoPrasthan, as a result, conversion, which is neither of the two, is inevitable; change is definite. That itself is progressive process of ascension – ‘The Ascension’.

With yoga practice, the metabolism, can be made, systemic. In accordance, with the level of yoga practice, the internal – JIva-Shakti, of body, can be regulated. So also, through Pranayama, brain, neuron, execution, can be put in functional possession, in the vital energy. In all these – internal, gravity related, 'force – resistance', indirect influence is inevitable.

Sphoorthi Oum
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