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On What Does Speed of Movement Depend? Relating to Light, its Velocity, its Beginning – Movement (Course) – and Decline

On what does the speed of motion depend? Speed of walking – speed of running – speed of wind – velocity of sound so also the velocity of spread of light and heat – on what do these depend?

In these, each one of them individually has maximum – minimum limit. If so, on what does this decision depend on? In accordance with what will be the speed of the internal motion in the 'atom'? Will this be based on the diversity of the matter? So also, will the ratio of the external and internal speed of rotation, revolution of planets – satellites be in accordance with this?

Even though Sun is considered as a star, it is not possible to recognize it equally with the other stars in the galaxy. The quantities and qualities (characteristics) of Galaxies, Solar are diverse. So, the light, heat, which is spread from these, would also be diverse. In the same way, is there not diversity in the velocity of light? Does this not change based on the way of motion? The difference (diversity) in rotation, revolution is –becoming the cause for the increases and decreases of 'mass' density and gravity in them, aren't they! Such a thing as, are the Hydro Magnetic/Electromagnetic, relating to their internal nucleus (center point/centroid), becoming the cause is a point of examination!

The formation of stars, their existence, to reach the state of decline… the microcosmic – macrocosmic – microcosmic change itself, which is the law of transmutation of matter that is present for it, may be the cause… If so, the reason for this transmutation has to be understood.

Unconcerned with the difference of materiality, and spirituality with scientific understanding in the path of exploration of research, reality – certainty – truth… in this order, acquisition of knowledge is needed.

Light, its Velocity, Beginning – Movement (Course) – and Decline

The velocity of light is determined as three lakhs (approx.) kilometers per second. In accordance with that only, to measure the distance, light year as the standard has been happening (In space).

The force of motion changing into 'speed', it reaches distance. For that, in accordance with the quantity of force that has been used for the sake of motion in the beginning, thereafter speed and distance are determined – (vice versa)! If so, the quantity of force, which is used for the motion in the beginning, decreasing gradually in its course of journey, according to that only with change in speed, at some distance in the state in which it (the speed of that force) is not present the decline of its journey completes. For example, when a spherical object is thrown, the force used for that in the beginning changes into speed and that travels… and stops at some distance. (If so, is the velocity of light different to the speed of matter?)

Like this speed in its motion to decrease gradually at some stage with its absence completely like that with the decline of 'force', when the final speed is completing… is it possible… to determine the same quantity for the speed right from the beginning to the end? With the average of speed – distance, time present in between the beginning – and its end only, the speed of time has to be determined.

For speed, in the beginning the force of motion and its utilization are being needed. The question – that what is the force, which is being useful, for the velocity relating to light… and the fundamental (source) present for it? – will also be there. 'Pushing' is necessary for the beginning for sure!

Is it the way that, are the gamma rays, which are produced because of the explosion that occurs in the internal centers of the stars, becoming the beginning force for the velocity of light? So also to what extent is the 'limit' of spread of sun light? After that the decline of rays of that light and the order for reflection – is it limited only to planets? In space also there would be spread of sunrays. For reflection, 'hindrance – shadow' and image are usual. If so, is that kind of hindrance caused to sun light (rays) in the space? As an outcome, is the light vanished? Heat perished?

Relating to light, its velocity, its beginning – movement (course) – and decline – will it have the same measure (quantity/magnitude) in all? Although the equality of angles is like that… the declined ray undergoing change, is it terminating with reflection (image)? Is it getting 'absorbed' in the object that hinders it? Or will there be its movement even after that? In that state, how will be its difference of speed and determination of time?

In this context, examination of 'relativity' is indeed needed!

Sphoorthi Oum
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