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Nova – Black Hole – Big Bang (?) Versus Cosmic Explosion

According to Bio-Cosmic Law, micro changes into macro, and macro changes into micro – this is a continuous circuit. Many big stars, after reaching to certain stage, break-up and decline, which is called "Black Hole". When Nova forms, and comes in retrogression, that declines and spreads into space. When it spreads, in the space, there is light, so, there is no chance to label it as Black Hole.

Space Matter, undergoing change, as star; possessing shape, and existence……… because of 'senility', losing its internal forcefulness, finally, because of self-splitting, loses its existence. As star, the Space Matter present in that until then, after 'swallowing' by Black Hole, again as Space Energy, reaches the formless state. The state prior, to Star Matter is, Space Matter…; the 'state before that' itself is, Dark Matter. The beginning state of it itself is, matter of Creation / (Brahman – Universal Matter). The basis for, its, emergence is, Space Energy… Universal Energy. This itself is, Energy – Matter permutation.

In the Galaxies, in the space if any star, reaches to Nova (dwarf) state, when its, internal resistance diminishes, in that state that, will be subjected, to the electromagnetic force, of the nearby, Black Hole ['Black Holes' make…, the positive of stars, as balancing negative. They are to be called as the space cathodes]; consequently, Nova, undergoes explosion, and submits, its existence, to Black Hole. In that state only, 'Bang', occurs, in the integral part of Black Hole. Because of that, with the completion of Nova matter visibility, thereafter, that, infuses, into 'Dark Matter'…, later on…, may transmutate, as Space – Star Matter {With the split of Nova star of Space Matter, the energy (Star Energy) hidden in that although is non-embodied that, in the path of Black Hole, in some other way, will hide, in the Universal Energy itself}. Like this, Energy – Matter containing Energy – its, objective Creation – existence – breakup – in another form, Energy – Matter – energy eternity. The interval of time, of this perdurable cyclic/cyclical process is, beyond imagination.

When the liquid mass goes inside, after break-up, after Nova comes inside, in accordance with the existing science, it is not known what happens to the matter that goes inside. On examination of the topics, "Where and How is it going – How is it being converted – Where is it meeting in the next phase – Where is it merging?", after going inside as a Cosmic Subtle, it again goes and merges with Black Energy – Dark Matter.

How is the beginning for this again? The gravitational existence present in that Dark Matter, wherever the difference occurs in that gravitational force, that is where the beginning for the Matter happens. When difference occurs in that gravitation, Creation occurs for Matter from Dark Matter. In that way, the place where the Nova breaks and declines can be considered as "Center of the Nova Contraction" but, not 'Black Hole'. These kinds of things are many in the Universe. These reactions happen constantly, from 'micro' state to 'macro' state, again from 'macro' state to 'micro' state.

[As dwarf, as Super Nova – splitting for star is certain, as the property of matter. That itself changing as – Dark Matter…would reach galaxy – as its intact binding. This may be – beginning for Creation again……]

Science has almost accepted 'Big Bang' theory. If so, that it, is 'not' for the emergence of universe, but, it is related to only for the emergence of Matter of Creation. Even so, that is only a "Cosmic Explosion" but, not Big Bang. In the space, principally, relating to Black Holes, those kinds of things have been happening frequently. Similar to, magnetic explosions, in solar, similar to, volcanic explosions in planets-satellites, in the space too, principally, except for the explosions, happening, in Black Holes, present in Galaxies, not, 'Big Bang' of emergence of universe, specifically. In the universe, there is no chance, at all, for that… Only in the combined existence, of energy – matter, there is chance for explosions.

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