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Formation of Creation – It is ‘Big Bang’ Explosion?

That universe was formed, by means of 'Big Bang'… and is expanding is the conclusion of science! Such a thing as, for that, 'Will of God'… is the belief of religion! In both of these, there is lack of integrity… If so, whatever it maybe it should not be, superior to cause and effect. That what was the state prior to the occurrence, of Big Bang, should only be considered as the cause. That should be known. That which cumulates, divides and diversifies. That which unites, disperses. This is the common property of matter! That which is divided… or dispersed like that, only if it cumulates to one place, again, for sure, then the previous state occurs again?

Universe is, formed by matter! Matter is formed by 'energy'. Energy is not formed. Can something which is formed with one thing, form another thing (not the law of objective matter)! That which is born, can give birth but cannot create, for sure! Creation – procreation are not the same. So also, production – manufacture – manipulation (construction) there is difference between these, isn't there!

When the excess energy, which has the gravity to repel….. changes into zero energy, nihility, with the occurrence of 'Big Bang' (huge explosion), that the emergence of universe, has happened, is the scientific theory. If the matter of theory is kept aside, for that which has emergence or beginning, there will be end; inevitable! Universe is, infinite! It does not have emergence. So, the scientific theory related, to 'Big Bang', is not related, to universe…… In the order of, infinite – finite, for the energy – matter combined, shape containing Creation, internal change is, inevitable, so, finite for that is indeed natural! 'Finite', means…, only the alteration of existence of at that point of time but, not nihility. With transmutation of energy – as matter, the embodiment that has happened itself is, the formation of Creation… The micro of energy, and the macro of matter itself is, the shape of Creation. Matter, undergoes permutation as energy again, and that, merges, with infinite Universal Energy.

Science is saying, for sure that, Creation had started with 'Big Bang' only! However, science cannot say about the center-point where, that, had occurred? If the bomb, has to explode then it had to be ready earlier to that only for sure! The tools needed for that, should be, in fact, available, earlier to that only! For its preparation, those who know, its mechanism, should be there; collection of objects should be there. If the Creation had started with Big Bang, its formation, when and where did it happen? If the completely full water pot has broken means, earlier to that itself, there should be its formation…, it should be, filled, with water, for that, individuals, tools and materials who can do like that should be there, indeed! Earlier to the breaking of water pot, if mud and water were there… if those who prepared it too were present…, before the explosion of bomb, similar to, the presence of its formation and, necessary material, before the occurrence of Big Bang also, for its formation, some or the other type of matter, had to be, certainly, present! Instead, if it is supposed that the Creation had started, with Big Bang only, then there was nothing, for sure, before it! For anything, firstly, without its related raw material… how can there be its formation? Before Big Bang, who was there as its causer (doer)? Well, if we think there was something, what is the beginning, for the one which was present earlier itself? 'Creation' means, just occurrence, of something that wasn't present earlier! Without 'doer', action (karma) doesn't happen. So also, without cause, doer doesn't perform karma; this is Indeed a certainty! Without anything, nothing would happen; this is indeed truth, isn't it! Which one, is the beginning for which.

From the utmost microcosm of Universal Energy (Mother Universe/Universal Nucleus/The Absolute Zero), microcosm of Space Energy – its Supreme Soul – the Energy – the microcosm of matter then, 'Mutatis-mutandis'; (with necessary changes) as a process, as entire ovum – immense ovum – entire/whole world (Cosmos – Cosmogony – Genesis), macrocosm, has its existence, in the Creation – like this, keeps happening, constantly uninterruptedly. This is, Creation related only, but not, universe. Since universe is, infinite energy, for that, as the basis for internal mutation, as Creation/only the diversity of qualities and quantities of existence – location, but, beginning of Big Bang…, end of calamity, will not be there – in saying infinite itself, there is this state. Except for constant formation – elimination, there is no, eternity and end. In the micro – macro process, in the Universal Nucleus (Absolute Zero), which is the internal instigation, for pervasiveness, itself, there is eternal state. Pervasion and its contraction is the permutable perpetuity. That which cumulates only divides; that which unites only, disperses. Relating to cumulating, uniting, like that, there should be, 'something', before that itself. For 'Big Bang' zero gravity, energy must be cumulated; for that which is present earlier itself, what is the beginning? (Isn't it the (subject) matter of formation?)Top of Form

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