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Formation of Creation – Is It Transmutation of Universal Energy

The Unicellular Organism in the Beginning of Creation, is Indeed Securely Present with Today’s Multicellular Organism

Though the matter of inertion is kept aside, if the order of Creation is examined right from the unicellular organism, until the organisms having crores of cells, various cells and their number, various organisms are being produced through their order for sure, but that God is not creating the organism suddenly, and throwing on to the earth is clear. If so, if the theory of evolution of organism is agreed and thought then a doubt will be caused. The unicellular organism in the beginning, in the order of transmorphism / transmutation the organisms having crores of living cells are protecting their individual existence securely. This is against the perfection of principle of transformation, isn't it! When one state transforms into another state then it should wipe out its form, shouldn't it! Even if thought from the egg itself, until perishing with death as a consequence of development (transformation) that happens in between every time the previous state, existence is perishing from time to time, isn't it! When that is so, how is it that the unicellular organism in the beginning of the Creation, is living along with today's multi-cellular organism! Their unique existence is present securely only, isn't it! That what might be the principal cause for the transmutation that occurred until the unicellular organism, after that until today is another important question.

Creation – Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

If the Darwin's theory of evolution is examined, there is no chance in the least to think that this Creation occurred suddenly with the Will of God. Because, since there was no God before Creation. Since the Creation did not occur all at once and stopped with that. Since taking birth, dying is happening on the earth as a daily activity. Since the God is taking birth, and dying! Since the planets, to move, and stars to lighten is happening at every moment, since the matter to cumulate and disperse is happening commonly… Since, with the change in the intellect of human being, with the increase of knowledge the condition, way of Creation is changing. So it is being known clearly that only the transmutation is the standard for the Nature, or Creation and the organism.

Biological Creation – The Role of Bio Atoms and ‘Genes’

The physical science – which is saying that for the creation of organisms, it is the combination of chemical liquids, that basic elements are the cause for that, that their atoms help for that (science doesn't know until now what helps that atoms) and that organism in the mixture of the atoms of the basic elements is becoming the cause for the Creation, and that based on the difference in the ratio of molecules in that mixing, various organisms are formed – is saying that for the resemblances of the parents to come into the offspring, 'gene' is the cause. Although the cause for the decision of this 'gene' is not known completely, broadly it can be thought about it. It cannot be ruled out that the characteristics of living atoms are the cause for the form and state of the 'gene'. For every organism, the ratio of nucleus of the cell and the mixture of bio-chemicals would be of various types for sure! When another individual is caused, with the union of two individuals, female, male, having diversity, because of intercourse, there would certainly be a change in the existence of 'gene'. If so, is it not possible for the gene, in the organism, which appears by means of the union of same parents, to be of the same type? Does the ratio of bio-atoms, the mixture of chemicals and its quantity and chemical nature keep changing in every organism (human) born by means of union of parents? Does the ratio of nuclei of the cells, which determines the birth of organism, keep changing all through the life? By chance in males, and females although there is difference in the ratio of complete individual nuclei and production and mixture of chemicals, with the union of those two some or the other ratio has to be determined for sure! The birth of organisms has to be, for sure, in suitability to that ratio! Either in suitability to that, or at least until the family, the 'gene', which decides the shape (inheritance) should have the same shape, for sure! In experience, it is not like that. Therefore, it is known that the ratio of nuclei of cells, mixture of chemicals and gene, which are the causes for the creation of organism, and its inheritance according to science, all these are not having steadiness in any one of the organisms. The gene and the ratio of atoms, which are influenced by the transmutation constantly, should keep changing 'shape'(s) until that organism lives. (There is no connection for the increase and decrease that is visible externally, because of age, and the shape that has to come by means of transmutation of the aforementioned).

If it is considered that every species (in the manner of insects, birds, cattle, wild animals, and human species and others) has a different ratio of nuclei, what might be the cause for the diversity (in physical, mental) in the same species? Even those who do not know also do not think that air, water, and food understood by the organism are the important cause for this, since, it is known clearly and from experience that these are not the cause in the least. Not only that, there is no relationship seen for the physical conditions, difference of forms, and the mental conditions, processes that are present in that body.

Human’s is Only Utilization

If so, there is a lot of difference between Creation, and making. This difference is not only in terms of language, but there is a clear difference in its meaning also. Similar to, there is difference for the words 'invent', and 'discover', there is a lot of difference for the words 'Creation' and 'making' also. To cause that which is not present is to be considered as Creation. To mould that which is present in the way wanted is to be called making. This difference is present in the language of research also. So 'matter' is present. So, human is using it in the way he wanted using his material objective knowledge. Man is following the principle called 'matter is constant', but with his intelligence he is neither reversing it, increasing or decreasing, making it to be present, or to be absent, nor in some other way. By discovering the basic elements, atoms that were present earlier, by means of making changes to the ratio this way and that way to their ratio, and physical, chemical process, he is making the new object(article) and that which is the basis for the object, but human being is unable to do another great thing different to that.

Before Agreeing that, for Creation, not God, Evolution of Life is the Fundamental, Some of the Questions to be Answered...

For the evolution of life to reach this state as of today may have taken some lakhs of years. No, if it is said crores of years also there is no exaggeration in it. In the same way, according to the 'struggle for existence', organisms to die, sustain (or live) may have been occurring uninterruptedly. If so, the principle or theory of evolution will not stop with this only. Its responsibility would not come to an end with this. Usually there will be a lot of difference for 'transformation' and change. That both of these are not the same is clear. There will be a systematic process for transformation. There will be a definite rule for that which occurs constantly. So, there should be a clear, stable method for theory of evolution of life also. The order of transformation does not undergo unusual (either less, or more) change in between with unimaginable, and powerful causes. So, such a thing as evolution of life (if living cell is understood as the beginning place) starting from the unicellular organism by undergoing development, and disseminating day by day in the order of ascendancy, are the organisms undergoing change with the production of innumerable living cells? Or are they subjected to change unconcerned with series and order? Is the transformation of physical, mental development, one for the other, occurring on equal basis? Or is there diversity in this? For physical (body) transformation, are the maturity of intellect or mind and others occurring based on the same principle of transformation? In the process of transformation if it is possible to think that such and such organism, is the earlier stage for such and such organism, then what might be the cause for various types, and for the physical and mental diversity in that such and such (particular) species? If monkey stage is thought to be prior to human being, in that monkey, and in human being (including those in same period also) after that, very much diversity is being present. The residues obtained by means of geological excavations are saying that for monkey, and for human being, the human body resembling monkey is present very strongly, and largely. The dinosaurs of once upon a time are not present now. If we see today's lizards that are called with that name, we are unable to believe. So also, there will be no resemblance seen at all for the size of mammoth elephant and today's elephant. In the same way there will be no resemblances seen for the size of ancient human body and that of today. So far as the built of the body is concerned, is it natural for the body, which has undergone transmorphism from strong, very big body, to have smaller size than that? It may happen like this if descent occurs in the order of transmorphism. If so, so far as intellect (knowledge) is concerned then and now, day by day the manner of ascendancy (development) is clearly seen in the developmental stage. If so, do the transformation of body, and transformation of intellect have different orders, and causes? For both of these also, is (physical) only matter the basic cause? basis? Well then, is the actual characteristic of matter unity or diversity? (Although the matter of inert and Bio is kept aside for time being) in the process of this transformation there is another basic cause relating to the matters of birth and death of organisms. Biology examines this. If so, although the evolution of life is also related to biology, the physical, chemical processes also play a vital role in that. Therefore, although it is clear that God is not the cause for Creation, before we agree that evolution of life is the cause for it we have to think and obtain answer for the above questions.

The Transmutation of Divine Matter and – Bio Matter – Their Coordination – Scientific Knowledge – God

Well then, such a thing as transmorphism/transmutation, did it start from matter, or was it present before that? Or after the inertion, did it start at the Bio are important matters. It is not enough to know by examining just one thing – about the transmutation that had started at some or the other place, in some or the other way, and about the qualities and quantities of it after that. Only after understanding (recognizing) the principal cause, place, and time of the transmutation it can be analyzed about its progress (path/movement).

To begin to describe, analyze about the transformation/transmorphism/ transmutation thinking that the matter is present means, more noteworthy change, rationalism cannot be seen than to speak of about the Creation, and about the deed of that God after thinking that God is present. In both of these except for the feeling of right and left, it will be as if two hands are attached to the same body. Therefore, the science has a duty to say about the matter and its Creation in detail, with no scope for argument, and dispute. If that were not the case then it would be felt as if God itself is better. Not only about the evolution of life, about the evolution of divine matter present earlier to that, if it is investigated and proved about the relationship, coordination present for the aforementioned two, science obtains perfection, and God would wipe out forever.

Sphoorthi Oum
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