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'Force' – 'Resistance' and Their Role in the Change Process

The topic of discussion, 'force – resistance', is not a new thing known with Newton. That is, Creation caused fundamental. Force and resistance are present in the entire universe. This, can be examined and analyzed, as 'Universal Effect'. In the gravity related, Newton proposed principles – 'force – resistance', is causing to think, gravity, at an extensive level. Although Force and Resistance are discovered recently only, they are present right from the beginning of the Creation. Prkrti – PuruSa, cause, effect of bio… Attraction – repulsion – positive, negative of male and female is, struggle of life only. That which causes execution of Karma is, action – reaction only. This, in the life is, indeed inevitable primordial instinct. 'Force – its resistance', result; as religion related, God – Satan in Life; duality – non-duality in philosophy; in the evolution of Nature – life, Darwin proposed, 'Struggle for Existence'; bio – birth – life… end. Creation – Existence – Exhaustion – in this way, in some or the other form, force – resistance is indeed present everywhere; indeed, been happening, every second. For example, the air, water, and food we take into our body and the excretion from body – this also is going on through the process of force and resistance only. So also, in the formation of living cells, and their division – that which is happening in anabolism too is – this only.

In anything, 'Force' – 'Resistance' itself is, becoming the cause, for change. Without some or the other kind of change, utilization and usage is, not possible. In accordance with change, its process, result would be different. Human, who wishes for change, should follow that only. As positive, negative for the natural change, there is nothing, human, could do in particular. If so, the process, followed, in the system of utilization, should not be against the actuality.

In accordance with air – water – solid… stages of existence of matter, this examination would be based, on the definition related to gravity. In accordance with science, it is said that, Creation is, expanding. True indeed! For expansion, 'force' is necessary. So also, only when there is 'resistance', in the direction opposite, to expansion, there would be need of, force. So, if there is force then resistance is inevitable. For everything, which is, 'finite', external 'boundary' is inevitable. If this finite, has to change, into the performance of motion… internal force is inevitable. In this order in 'force – resist', pertaining to both of these, clarity is being needed. So also, as 'energy – matter' embodied energy, alteration of shape is, inevitable. Some or the other type, of friction is – the necessary cause, for change. Usually, there will be opportunity, for friction – only between mutual opposition. In anything, if there is no internal friction in the first place, there is no chance for change. In the matter having law of motion, internal constant change is inevitable. So, friction is inevitable. Even bio-matter is not exception for this. Although the qualities and quantities of matter are present differently, although ‘change’ is, following that only, internal friction (attrition), however, is the same everywhere! That itself is, “force – resistance”. As functional friction force – resistance although are seen as mutually opposing ‘two’ and although are felt like that, those two in the origin are, only ‘two-in-one’ indeed! The resistance is the functional oppose to the force! With the beginning of the force only, its resist, gets, ‘alerted’. Then, the friction, ‘initiates itself’, then, the change is an inevitable. 

When any Matter pervades, it has to be within finite only but, it cannot be infinite. If there is Matter in finite, there is need of energy internally for movement. When the Universal Energy forms Universal Matter, the Energy enters into it as Cosmic Microcosm. Matter's is the law of motion. If there has to be motion (movement), that Universal Energy itself, would be present as microcosm there and causes movement. For anything that has this movement, change is inevitable. That inevitably happens in the natural process. When it comes to organism, here it is Bio-matter, there it is life. Here 'bio' (life) being present internally in an invisible state, it is being present as the basis for the external body and leads the life.

Usually, anything, for change, from its present state, and existence – cause for it, whatever it may be – action – reaction; that means, force – resistance – is being needed, in direct and indirect manner. In accordance with its qualities and quantities, that change, may be present in numerous shapes, ways. In this context, one may attempt for the understanding of, 'God – Satan'; favorable – unfavorable; positive – negative and; force – resistance. That means, relating to Creation, it is not certifying the religious system indeed.

Force and Resistance are visible to us in the Nature too. From Micro to Macro, plants are growing, animals are growing, and human beings are growing. If so, along with this, right from egg to embryo – if we observe in this system, all organs do not appear at once. Although all of them appear – the function of all of them does not start at that point of time. There is formation of all organs. Along with that only, brain also forms. After coming outside, at a certain age, after some functions start, there would be maturity of brain at certain age. Brain does not acquire maturity at once. The same thing we consider as childhood, adolescence and old age. That means, based on the state and condition of brain, Mind and the way it functions – we get all these things categorically.

If so, with regard to Nature – based on the principles present in the Nature, after reaching certain age, there would be release of functional hormones, as maturation. If we observe both these systems, there is certainly "change" for such thing called "movement". If there is movement, there has to be change inevitably. This change is also of not today. The reason for Creation itself is change. Change is natural. We can observe this change right from the universe where the Universal Energy changes into Universal Matter then the Matter of Creation (Space Matter), and from that Space Matter – these planets, and satellites – from that Globe. From this Space Matter, incitation occurred for Bio-Matter. Life from Bio-Matter, and organism from life, thereafter growth of organism – this is seen in the system of transformation. This entire change occurs naturally only. If we examine this, whenever anything changes from Energy to Matter, or from Unity to Diversity, change occurs only when there is a friction between two different things internally. The same happens in plants, in the cell division – and anabolism that happens in us. For example, there will be only bud in the night, no flower but, by morning, the flower blossoms. These things happen internally through force and resistance process only. So, change is inevitable for movement. Matter (Diversity) came from Unity (Energy) only. The root for this Diversity is Unity. There is Absolute state for this Unity. That is Absolute Zero – Self-existent – Mother Universe. There is no Diversity in it. There will be only Unity.

Change, for movement, is inevitable. So, in that which has the path of metamorphosis, either naturally, or as an attempt, the thing that change is inevitable too is, clear. If so, for this change, in what way, should be the attempt, itself, is the question. For natural change, although there is nothing, that the intelligence of mind, could do but, for functional, change, that the human efforts, are needed is indeed certainty of experience. That itself is, the inner meaning, in saying, 'Use of Creation and Human Utilization'. For that, firstly – to know the method for the occurrence of natural change is, the primary. By keeping in mind – the matter that the internal struggle of two – which are mutually opposite – itself, is the cause for change… one should examine, about the brain and its mind. Relating to Earth, gravity is – becoming the cause for the order of movement. In this matter, 'Geomagnetic', as (hydro – electro) division, has to be examined.

Like this, we can understand that, the 'force – resistance' is, not only as gravity principle but, at micro – macro level, pertaining to inert – bio matter, is being applicable to everything, for functional change. That means, it is clear that, in the action – reaction needed, for the natural change, of matter of Creation, 'positive – negative' is, inevitable. That means, as the act of two, which are mutually opposing, 'opposing pair' is, indeed an integral part, in the Creation. In another way, as 'Creation – Existence – Extinction', birth – life – its end – opposing pair clarity only, indeed.

It is indeed understood that, in this way, for the change of Creation, along with the inevitability of 'force – resistance', that itself, in the direct – indirect manner is becoming the cause, for the conversion of matter, and the evolution of life.

Some Interesting Questions With Regard to "Force – Resistance"

  1. Such a thing as gravity, as 'force – resistance', like earth only, including solar, would it be applicable, to the entire space, to gaseous, liquid, solid – matter, to the entire diversity of form, in the same manner?
  2. So also, force – resistance principle – is it working even for Bio-matter – Bio-plasma?
  3. Relating to body, is this force – resistance principle, influencing, at least in the indirect manner, the contraction and expansion in 'lungs' in the acts of respiration, so also, whether it is influencing the blood flow, or the action of heart – including the gastrointestinal system, the activity, of organs in the body?
  4. The thing that is this force – resistance, functioning, for the metabolic – anabolic system, as 'in and out' as the act of intake and excretion? Is the matter that has to be examined.
  5. Is gravity, the cause, indirectly, for the change – conversion, and metamorphosis, of the bio – inert matter?

Is the force of gravity, which attracts everything, towards it – as force – resistance – the same? So also, what is the difference in the function between geo-magnetic force and gravity? Is there involvement of gravity, in the electromagnetic field?

An Attempt for Utilizable Change is the Proof of Development of Civilization

Since ‘change’ is inevitable for the law of motion, there is no chance for the age and its body parts, mind and other activities, to be always in the same state like that only in which they are at that point of time. That means, along with this, ‘change’ is inevitable even for the brain and its activity. For this change, along with age, there are many other causes too. Especially genetical inheritance, influence of circumstances, surroundings, habitual way of livelihood – all these things to determine the qualities, quantities, of mind, thought, indeed happens as a constant activity. In total, the determination of the way of life of human being itself is the final result. If so, in anything, the natural ‘instinctive’ change is inevitable. That itself is the basis for the indirect manner. Even so, with the uniqueness of human thought, to make an attempt for the change of utilization of that natural instinct in the manner and method required for her/him is the proof of development of civilization.

Sphoorthi Oum
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