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Evolution of Universe: Creation – Existence – Extinction/Invisibility

1. Mother Universe/Origin of Universe/Divine Mother: Emission of Universal Energy

Universe is the manifestation of the 'Universal Energy', continuously emitted from the Self-existent, eternal, Mother Nucleus, the primordial source for the emission of the energy [origin of Supreme Soul (Ontological Origin) – the Subtility of Universal Energy and the Nucleus of the Creation – Brahman]. The Mother Universe continuously emits the Universal Energy (& the Black Energy).

2. Transmutation of Universal Energy into Universal Matter: The Beginning of Creation

Universal Energy takes the form of matter by passing through many dimensions. This Universal Energy, converts into Universal Matter (Brahman – The Creator) through the process called Inter-Osculatory Metamorphosis; Internal Relativity. Universal Matter is the primordial matter of no configuration. The monad may be the least unit of the Universal Matter. The embodied energy is of the Creative Brahma Paramatmn i.e., Omnifarious Genesis. [There are different dimensions to 'how the Universal Energy is being converted into Universal Matter. Through the dimensions present in that – unless those dimensions are surpassed, how exactly it is being converted, how exactly it is being modified, how exactly it is being transformed will not be known].

From the origin of Universe – where the Universal Energy is scattered, Negative Energy (or Black Force) and Positive Force (Universal Energy) are released first. After this Negative Force – Universal Energy are released, Gravity Struggle appears for both of them. When this Gravity Struggle appears, that is when the chance for the formation of Universal Matter appears (there is no chance for the formation Universal Matter until then). Because of the 'Gravity Struggle' (by means of centripetal & centrifugal system)… the Universal Energy itself with creative entity, acquires universal pervasiveness as embodied energy [Note: The energetic matter converts itself as inert one by the Electromagnetic process and as the Bio-matter because of Hydromagnetic Mutation]. Universal Energy to take shape of matter, itself…, is the Creation. Formless, infinite energy, because of instigation, of internal relativity, in that, that with transmutation as matter…, is appearing as embodied, finite energy.

3.  Subsequent Creation & Existence

The same Universal Energy (Universal Energy – Space Energy – Cosmic Energy – Spiritual Energy – Planetary Energy – Solar Energy – Radiation Energy – Bio-cosmic Energy (Jeevatmn) and after that is the Physical Self) on metamorphosis at different stages, changes into the Space Matter, Galaxies, Solar systems, and Planets in the solar system. In the beginning this had taken shape as Fire, Air, Dust Clouds, and centralized Galactic Matter..., thereafter in the order of transformation it had taken shape as Solar – Solar Clouds, Comets, Planetary Matter, and Satellites. The microcosms of gaseous form of matter, in the sun, including the internal magnetic force – by liberating in the form of cosmic rays – and spreading all over within the boundary of solar, they, develop into Solar Clouds. Solar Matter being formed as a result of the mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, Ammonia, Carbon and others, it was helpful in the formation of its planets and satellites also.

Based on the method and way of spread of heat – light, produced because of ignition and burning of Sun, on the planets of the Solar System, the climate appears on those planets. The liquid matter – which is present in the innermost part of the earth – has excessive heat. Because of solidification in its upper part, it loses its heat to that extent. Gradually, although lost the liquid matter of the origin – heat by undergoing chemical union with sunrays –' Climate' appeared on the earth.

Depending on the climatic conditions on the planets, the 'Nature' appears on them. The Nature relating to those various planets is determined based on the density of the carbon dioxide, and methyl (chlorofluorocarbons?) gases. The water content in the Nature is responsible for the life on the planets. With the appearance of Ozone Layer, with the appearance of Nature with Bio-matter because of the favorability of temperatures, and climatic conditions on the Earth, an opportunity was caused for the birth of organism. The process of transmission of the 'Universal Energy' into matter has its biological stage having its least micro unit, the D.N.A, which is the Life Force. As the time passed by, different species have evolved, and human species is one of them. 'Self' based life, life based cell, 'Self' based 'mind' is the evolutionary biological process.

4. Extinction

As the creative Energy starts functioning as reaction to the action of the Black Energy, the universal pervasion of matter of the Creation, in the state of contraction gradually, over a period, acquiring Cosmic Subtlety, with the completion of its retrogressive journey, merges with the Mother Nucleus. The process of transmission of 'Universal Energy' into matter may be termed as Creation, the pervasion of the same matter throughout the universe may be considered as Existence, and its retrogressive amalgamating subtlety is to be understood as the Extinction. After a gap of billions of human years, the same cycle of Creation, Existence, and Extinction repeats. Everything in this universe undergoes these three stages except the 'Mother Nucleus', it being self-existent and eternal.

NOTE: Energy in atom is embodied energy. Pure Energy is present throughout the universe. This is not same as embodied energy in atom. For inert matter, energy is in nucleus, for bio matter it is in living cell. For living matter, energy is present throughout the body as living cells. Living cells are different in each part of the body.

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