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Evolution of Brain – Linkage to Body – Flow of Bio-Sensation – Body-Mind Coordination

Science says, functionally, the growth of brain, does not complete until some years, of age. According to the principle of evolution of life, along with brain, relating to hormones, in the body, there is no chance, for the occurrence, of functional growth, at one time only. For that very reason, stages of life have been determined, according to age. For that, indirectly, functionally, the 'course' of development of brain itself is, the cause.

In the beginning of fertilization and embryo, itself, formation of brain, along with it itself, with the beginning of the nervous system, because of, ‘Growth Factor’, that by developing, throughout the body, until, living cell, least unit, there has been a possibility for the linkage of, the entire body, with the brain. At the same time, how many neurons should be there, what the position, and function of brain would be decided – and based on that only, individual's life would be determined.

Initially human had both hands like legs, as they are in animals. Gradually, human raised hands, and started standing on two legs. As human started standing, changes occurred in the human brain. With that, thought-prudence and other things – to use his mind – have formed.

In relation to sensation, response would be different in accordance with the entity of species. Sense of touch in some organisms, there would be connecting brain including the sensory nervous system. In many organisms, only sensory nerves would be as support for sensations (sense of touch). There will be functional diversity, even in the living species possessing brain. The quantity of brain is not related to its quality. For example, there is uniqueness – in the formation and functional response of the human brain –, which is not present in other living species. This uniqueness can be observed in the reaction in human brain, to the sensory action. Similar to, the roots of tree, goes deep into the land, and spreads on all the sides, the entire nervous system in the body, beginning in the brain, spreading throughout the body, functions as, 'Sensory Internet'. Although there is 'internet of neurons', all over the body, Brain, and Spinal Cord, should be considered as Central Nervous System.

Linkage of living cells, in the body, the connection, present, between the neurons, in the brain…, the 'Sensory Grid' – present in between these two…, with this understanding, there is a chance, to understand, the formation of brain – including the sensory information – mind – and its various stages. Spread throughout the body, the nervous system, which has formed with the origin of neurons in the brain, the linking contact of those two, itself, is body – mind relationship. This is mutually dependant. In accordance with the quantities and qualities of this relationship, there would be the manner of thought – intellect, development of knowledge & psychology, and qualities of natural instincts. In accordance with the way of order of genome, there would be arrangement of neurons, their quantity/quality and their strength of activity, prudence of intellect, material knowledge, constructive, nature of retentivity, and formulation of course of action. In the unity of living creatures, this may be the cause, for diversity, probably. In the formation of DNA (RNA) also and for the hidden inheritance too, this is only the primary. These would only become the cause for the various parts in the brain, its related physical body organs, their activity, so also, for the various metabolic activities, relating to the entire body, and others. For various ways related to thought – feeling also, there will be connection of special parts in the brain.

As the nervous system, beginning, with the brain, has the linkage and contact, with each one, in the crores of living cells, as the entire, nervous system, of the living cells of the body, is concentrated (centralized), in the brain, as neurons, brain, is becoming, the cause for the circulation of, principal “bio sensation”, for the body (Hydromagnetic – electromagnetic system, may be as assistance to it). Since “bio sensation”, is its vital (life) force, linkage – of internal vital elements, with the external sensory organs, of the physical body – is inevitable. In the brain, so as to be convenient to the performance of, these, sensory organs, in favorability, to the biochemical, ‘action – reaction’, relating to it, and in suitability, to the qualities and quantities, of the feeling of sensations of those various senses, there is formation (presence) of various parts.

Along with brain, all over the formation of body parts, there would be characteristics of the first cell only. In the physical body build-up, nervous system, is utmost important. Crores of neurons, in the brain, in accordance with the quantity and quality of senses, have the division as various important parts. These as relating to, affiliated, divisions, and subdivisions, possessing the action and reaction of movement (stimulation), joining with the body, keep executing the process of life.

After the human race has taken shape, because of, the uniqueness of internal evolution of life of human race, the eminence of ‘genome’ in the formation of human brain, has become the cause for progress. In accordance with the "Diversity of Unity" principle of Creation, for the entire human race, in the development of brain and its uniqueness, there is diversity only. The functional decreases and increases of various parts of brain, may be the cause for this.

In the body principally, there will be three channels relating to Bio-plasmatic matter: (1) Tissue base, hydroelectric (anabolic) (2) Blood base, immuno metabolic (3) Hydromagnetic (neurons base vitality) (energetic). In between all these, although there is common metabolic linkage – specially, there will be difference of existence. In different ways, although, this is, usual, in all the organisms, with the mystic in formation of brain, there is uniqueness for this in human being.

Relating to the human brain: it is either mystic, mysterious or meta-morphic? Is it a complexity or perplexity? No, not; it does consist the synthesis of synteresis in its formation and the analysis of nuance in the performance of the functional aspect. For the sake of theory, it is the complex of the cosmical microcosm and in a pervasive manner, it is the macrocosm, concerned with the Universal Energy and its matter. It has an evolutionary celebration of the genome within its limits.

Brain controls body functions when we are awake as well as when we are asleep. That means human is not supervising brain. So, who is supervising brain?

Sphoorthi Oum
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