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Brain – Mind – Psychology

Brain formation, and scientific understanding, integrity of information relating to it, is still far off only. Although the brain related analysis is happening within the limits of physics and its related scientific knowledge and…. investigation of its entity is happening within the psychological boundary, its 'actual' matter until today has remained as question mark only. Similar to, there are numerous divisions in science…. in psychology also there are several sub-divisions. For example, genetic psychology – genius psychology – inductive psychology – introspective psychology – physiological psychology and variation psychology – these are just a few in the sub-divisions of psychology! Although there is this much of extensive abundance of learning and investigation…, comprehensive information related to mind is…. still primary only! Although corporeal related hard work and possibility of investigation is easy to some extent… incorporeal – changeless related analytical work would be, however, difficult only. Even so, restless uphill-struggle and competence of the human being…. should be continued, for sure, until its natural termination curved point!

By considering mind as sensorium mind…. psychology as 'Conscious Self' and treating 'Soul' as Divine Self/Soul… an attempt, to investigate – research…. analysis and explanation of each one, in connection with itself…., may give positive result to some extent. If so, brain is solid matter only, but 'its' mind is not of that sort. As a matter of fact, in the division of solid – liquid – gaseous matters, it does not belong to anything…. So also, though body, is solid-liquid-gaseous equally mixed…. they will be helpful only for the 'existence' of Life Force in it. Disorder in the order of their movement by influencing the metabolic system…, they are subjecting the minds to dis-ease, or ease or 'easy' in a suitable way to that.

Through living cell, D.N.A base features of inheritance for body…. system of arrangement of genome…., to have their influence, principally, on the neurons of brain (mind), is a Bio natural law. Whatever the causes may be…… in some rare and unusual circumstances, the natural law of these two by losing their supremacy, different to it, another third order (process) may be formed in the physical – psychological performance of duty. The diversity of the nature does dominate the domestic Darwinism…


Sphoorthi Oum
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