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Spiritual Soul


Soul does not come by birth. Guruji says, “There is no either existed, located, or established Soul”. Mundane Mind (Self)through DhyanaManoPrasthan converts into the Spiritual Soul. There is an opportunity to achieve Spiritual Soul only through Asana – Pranayama – Dhyana (Ascent Dhyana).

No human being is born with a Soul. According to Guruji, by birth, all the organisms have only Jeevatmn (Bio-cosmic Energy/located in the spinal column in the central nervous system as an Energetic Channel), which is present with internal and external motion as 'Life Force'. In accompaniment with it, there will be senses influenced habitual mind. This Jeevatmn {the individual 'self' related to physical Mind (microcosm of the Universal Soul (Energy) - the inner consciousness)}, which begins by birth itself, establishes as sensorium mind (because of influence of senses) in human beings. Along with it only, the same Jeevatmn, as developmental advancement as conscience (Intuitional Self), is hidden in the mind itself as an internal cosmic microcosmic element. Like the thought, develops as intelligence through subject materialistic knowledge, the conscience, which has an integral part microcosm with the mundane mind (formally Jeevatmn), with the influence of sensorium mind only, although it helps in performance of karma at one stage, through spiritual practice (physical and spiritual meditation) it primarily transforms into 'The Mind of Moral Sanctity', thereafter with dedicated continuous practice… the same transforms into Spiritual (Intuitive) Mind and then into the 'Spiritual Soul' in the process of the ascendancy. So the 'Spiritual Soul' is to be achieved only, it neither comes, nor occurs by birth itself instantly (The vision of 'Spiritual Soul' happens within the physical body itself, and on this Earth that has Hydromagnetic and Electromagnetic force). For those who practice like this, their past sensorium mind itself ascends as Spiritual Soul. For those whom it is not possible, the mundane sensorium mind itself, as Jeevatmn, or Jeevatmn, through mundane mind, assists in usual mundane life.

'Spiritual Soul' is to be achieved only, it neither comes, nor occurs by birth itself instantly (The vision of 'Spiritual Soul' happens, on the Earth, within the physical body itself)

If so, the sensorium mind, which has led the life and living having embedded to the life, of physical body, made of vital elements, with liberation beyond the senses by means of meditation, has the eternalness of Supreme Soul. However, this does not amalgamate with Supreme Soul. This is merely materialistic liberation, but not spiritual absorption. On divine meditation, the Spiritual Soul, which is beyond the understanding of materiality, ascends spiritually as 'Divine Soul' (Spiritual Self) [the vision of Divine Soul happens in the space only], with the possibility of merger with Supreme Soul. Thereafter, as Divine Soul, as Universal Soul on 'supreme union' with Supreme Soul, which is pervaded all over, attains the fortune of salvation.

The vision of 'Divine Soul' happens in the space only

The Order of Transcendency:  “The Sensory Mind” (Jeevatmn hidden in the mind, functions under the influence of senses) – Yoga, Pranayama, Concentration, Contemplation practice causes strength and stability to the mind. Sensory Meditation control senses and instigates the Intuitional Sense – Jeevatmn functions under the supervision of Intuition – Through the practice of Ascent Dhyana (DhyanaManoPrasthan) mind transforms into “The Mind of the Moral Sanctity” – (through Transcendental Transfer Jeevatmn transforms into Conscience) – “Intuitive Mind” (or the Spiritual Mind) [this is the stage that is intermediate between materiality & spirituality] – “Spiritual Consciousness” (Soul) – “Spiritual Soul” (Divine Consciousness) – “Divine Soul” (Universal Consciousness) – “Universal Soul” (Supreme Consciousness) – “Supreme Soul” – “Absolute Zero” (Mother Universe).

Sphoorthi Oum
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