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The Scientific Saint & Divine Existence


His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi, born on Thursday, the first day of May 1941 in a remote village in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Guruji is known for His simplicity and rarely makes public appearances but, executes His Spiritual Performances through media (existence and performance of Guruji through other physical bodies). Similar to scientists conduct their practical experiments in their laboratories, Guruji does everything practically (by means of Practical Philosophy) through Medium in the practical division, of Science Universe, DhyanaManoPrasthan. This happens in a Science Orient manner only. He says that spirituality is 'Super Science', and explains it on the scientific basis. For that very reason, Guruji has coronated himself as 'Scientific Saint'.  "Having been with the universal inspiration of the inventive and intuitional mind, caused by the influence and confluence of science and conscience... it is my inclination of being coronated as the Scientific Saint", says Guruji.

Guruji practices: "The Theory of Practical Philosophy (Supernatural and Superhuman) based on - The Religious Humanism (Theology)".  

Having been with the universal inspiration of the inventive and intuitional mind, caused by the influence and confluence of the science and conscience... it is my inclination of being coronated as the Scientific Saint.

At a very young age, when He was in fifth grade (class), Guruji left His home and 'near and dear' to discover the secrets of universe, its origin and purpose, secrets of birth and death, and secrets and purpose of human life. He started practicing meditation. Over a period of time, after dedicated meditation, Guruji had reached the highest spiritual dimension (9th dimension), and attained Universal Consciousness and supernatural powers - the state of Supreme Power. He was incognito until He reached this state, and moved into society thereafter to serve the humanity.

Spiritual wealth, achieved after years of Dhyana is His only wealth, which is being utilized for the sake of human welfare. Guruji's primary objective is to inculcate the concept of 'Dhyan' in every individual, to eliminate the confusion present in understanding spirituality (divinity), religion, and science and create awareness about them, to provide relief to human beings suffering from mental and physical ailments, to help them to lead a peaceful and comfortable life by means of causing them to achieve individual peace, and thereby achieve 'Universal Peace'.


(Guruji's Multi and Simultaneous Existence (Performance) in Multiple Forms at Distant and/or Different Locations)

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi exists in multiple forms, simultaneously in multiple places. As Guruji exists in multiple forms, His performance too shall be multi-pronged. While it is beyond human imagination to think in what form(s) Guruji can exist, different forms of His existence that human being can perceive, identify, and experience include, but not limited to, the following: (1) Direct Physical Existence (at the place of His residence) (2) Direct Existence (at places other than His residence) (3) Medium (4) Redolence (5) Audiovisual Feeling (6) Stage of Vision (7) Waves & Vibrations (8) Divine Healing

1. Direct Physical Existence (at the place of His residence)

Guruji will be physically present in one place and will be conducting His routine activities and communicating with devotees as usual, while, at the same time He exhibits His spiritual existence at multiple places through multiple forms (as aforementioned) simultaneously and interacts with devotees.

2. Physical Existence (at the places other than His residence)

While Guruji shall be physically present at the place of His residence and conducting His routine activities with His own body, at the same time He can also visibly appear (with His own body) at a different location

3. Media Concept (Existence and Performance of Guruji Through Other Physical Bodies)

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi conducts all His spiritual activities and interacts with devotees at the "Spiritual Centers" through (existence and performance of Guruji through a physical body). He performs functions through multiple Media simultaneously.

4. Redolent Existence (Existence of Guruji as a "Unique Fragrance")

Guruji's related programs, at various places, wherever they occur, as an indication that He arrives there invisibly, ''Redolence" (some unique fragrance) can be felt. All those who are present there, can have the experience and feeling of that.

Not only at Guruji's related programs, devotees recognize Guruji's spiritual arrival by a distinctive fragrance at any place, for example, while they walk on road, sit at home, or travel in aircraft, suddenly the area becomes redolent indicating Guruji's spiritual arrival (presence). Within a fraction of second, upon need or otherwise, although Guruji cannot be seen objectively, devotees feel Guruji's presence which is evident by the aroma or the redolence conveying that He is always present with us spiritually irrespective of "Time & Location". This kind of "Spiritual Existence" was never seen any time (In any of ages/eras), anywhere in the history of humankind in the past.

Unconcerned with Time & Distance, Guruji's ability to exist in multiple forms, in multiple distant and different places, and perform functions, simultaneously, is an objective evidence that Guruji is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnific, and Omnifarious - The Supreme Soul

5. Audiovisual Feeling

This is experiencing Guruji's spiritual existence as Audiovisual feeling. For those who silently repeat, the mantra claimed by Guruji, His audiovisual feeling is also caused. Not concerning, with medium, itself, although there is no direct acquaintance, while, just, those who have faith on Him, meditate, Guruji is able to cause, audiovisual feeling for them.

6. Stage of Vision (Visualizing and Speaking to Guruji in Meditation)

Devotees can talk to Guruji in the "Stage of Vision". When an individual is in the deep meditation, Guruji, takes her/him to the state of awakening, also called the "Stage of Vision". This is the stage in between the "Stage of Contemplation" and "Stage of Meditation" where one can visualize her/his own mind, completely 'naked' (free of thoughts). In this stage, one can see Guruji (occupying her/his thoughts), talk to Him and seek His advice. Guruji, for this process, makes use of the energy within the individual who is meditating.

7. Waves and Vibrations

Guruji also shows His existence in the forms of "Waves" and "Spiritual Vibrations". These are a very common experience in meditation for many devotees.

8. Divine Healing

Guruji, from the place where He is present only, by means of "Spiritual Vibrations" medical related treatments also happen. Guruji treats with Divine Energy through the process of "Divine Healing". If one can practice Ascent Dhyana regularly, Guruji's Divine Healing would be very effective. Guruji identifies the etiology and diagnosis well in advance. 

Sphoorthi Oum
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