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Practical Philosophy & Religious Humanism


‘Religious Humanism’ is indeed a part in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Similar to, it has to be thought very briefly, in principle that, that which makes known, the dialectical related method relating to the individual – society – and economic relations, itself, as communism…, human being – society – God…, that which makes known, the connection, which has to be present inevitably, between the above (triad), itself, is “Religious Humanism”. Religion of humaneness (humanism), Religious Humanism…, these two are, indeed not the same.

Humaneness (Humanism) in the human being, divinity that is supposed to be in God, to make-known, the inseparable relationship – which has to be present, between the above two – itself, is the important component, in this. Energy in the universe, its material Creation, Nature – organism – body of the organism – its mind; in the manner of relationship of existence, present between these only…, entity of energy, ‘Supreme Soul’; center of the source of Creation, ‘Soul’; body embedded Jeevatmn…, inseparable relationship, present between them; humaneness in human being, divinity in the Soul (determination of corporeal form of divinity, God), that which makes-known the compassionate communion which has to be present between these, itself, is Religious Humanism; Religious Humanity.

Human being – Society – God…, that which makes known, the connection, which has to be present inevitably, between the above (triad), itself, is “Religious Humanism”.

In religious humanism, by means of making-known the human being, the eminence, in divinity (God), for it the importance of humanity, its need, and in the way suitable to it, the changes in the way of daily life, the efforts, of achieving coordination of materiality – spirituality, and religious amicability, would happen. So also, Religious Humanism, would work hard for 'Human Globalization', which could turn human race into a human family, and that as an international system.

By means of Dhyana Yoga, by transcending, the mind, from its physical level, to spiritual highest level, to cause the feeling of soul, to it…, thereafter, that itself, in the retrogressive descending order, to cause it to reach, again, its physical usual, sensory experienced state, of ‘own location’…., by means of the above said process to prove, the physical – spiritual coordination, itself, is the principal objective in the path of ascension… This itself is the path of implementation of “Practical Philosophy” proposed by Guruji.

The misconception is, it is only physical life until human being lives, only after that is spirituality. There is certainly a need, to question, examine, and investigate it and conclude. The center of brain, which is considered as Soul – causes ascension to the mind and takes it to that position. That is what happens in "Practical Philosophy". By causing ascension to Human Mind, if it is caused to reach the position of Soul – that is when one would understand, "who she/he is", "what she/he is", "where she/he has come from", "what the remaining Nature is", "what is the 'matter' that is present", "what the Universal Energy is”, – everything would be known. Through practice only, it can be proved practically that spirituality is hidden in the physical life of human being only. Once an individual acquires "The Mind of Moral Sanctity", there is a chance to put a check at the level of 'cause' itself. If it is caused ascension like this – materiality & spirituality, both of them together, if the life is coordinated, that is when the real purpose would be achieved.

When the mind ascends and merges with the center of brain, the position of Soul – that is where one would see the real feeling of Soul, bliss. Since that is the link to Supreme Soul, since that is Omnipresent – it will be present everywhere, in all the places. That is when one would prove what the truth is.

The misconception is, it is only physical life until human being lives, only after that is spirituality. There is certainly a need, to question, examine, and investigate it and conclude...

The Importance of Physical Life – Humanity – Compassion in Religious Humanism

Although have religious publicity – metaphysical preaching, and spiritual eminence, the importance of physical life should not be disregarded. That the qualities and quantities, of the way of daily life, itself, decide, the spiritual level, should be clear to human being. It should be known, through the spiritual publicities only, that spirituality without materiality has to be considered as flower without fragrance, cloud without rain, lamp without oil, statue without worship, and 'offering of food made to deity' without offering to the deity. As described above, in religious humanism, by means of making-known the human being, the eminence, in divinity (God), for it the importance of humanity, its need, and in the way suitable to it, the changes in the way of daily life, the efforts, of achieving coordination of materiality – spirituality, and religious amicability, would happen. Along with that, unity of human race, diversity of human life, like this, the nearness of these two, should be understood to human being. The publicity of spirituality, which thinks that Soul is present in all human beings (in other organisms also), should be useful, for the recognition of 'humaneness', in everybody. Humanness – compassion, should be recognized, and applied, as two sides, for the life. By considering, the involvement, of love as personal affair, compassion, should be made applicable, to everyone. Compassion's is, unity face only! The feeling of love, has meanings and intentions, as multi-faced. So, it's, would be utilization, in suitability to time only. For that very reason, in religious humanism, in the name of worship of God (divinity) along with spiritual eminence, humaneness, compassion, has ideal importance.

Today's international organizations, instead of achieving peaceful amicability, equality, to the human race, they are mostly working, in direct and indirect ways, favorable to, industrial capitalistic (trade) globalization. With this, human values, their relationships, are being subjected to the individual selfish-motive of political power, and to the distortion of mental perturbations. With economic and political exploitations, inequalities, suspicions, jealousy and hatred, are increasing, in between people, and countries. The entity of struggle, greed of supremacy are, increasing in human mind. With hi-tech global information, and trade globalization, although the distance – time, ratio, between people and between countries, is decreasing, the relations of humaneness, and compassion, which have to be, in fact, present between people, are moving apart, far off. Its influence, the family based, human social system itself, is cracking (snapping) apart. Barbarous civilization is, welcoming, this only.

In the process of evolution of life – human mind – the primary 'stem cells', which are the causes for the formation of physical entity, and their natural going of evolution of life, should be transcended towards positive transmutation. As tools of reformation for that, in the path of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, by comprehending Religious Humanism – Practical Philosophy as conceptual theories, 'medium', performance as publicities of spiritual demonstration…, so also, science objective vision, with the feeling of dedication, constructive hard work…., in stages, in an integrated manner, with the spirit of movement (agitation)…, by means of carrying on the hard work and practice, human being has to reform, the movement of mind of development of life, as fully developed, matured one. [For this, competent trained, agitators, should be readied; financial strength is indeed needed…., along with this, feeling of dedication and sacrifice and honesty (with purity in thought, word and deed) as 'oxygen', the act of 'breathing – contemplation' of refinement – reformation, should happen. Intellect, purity, diligence in karma, committed execution – if these are not present, however great the aim may be, the end result is, abrupt only…! Internal burning, invisibility only! For anything, although human power – money power, are certainly important, the order of their priority, will be dependent on those various times and occasions.].

Today's human being who had walked, walking a long distance, with physical material knowledge…, to stay back, in spiritual 'past' only – we cannot say this as the standard for the uniqueness of the human birth. The eternal entity of Soul…, its efforts for acquisition of knowledge, are not the same, are they! Worry of physical life, and worship of spirituality, is not the only accomplishment human being can do? The intelligence of human being – who has discretionary, peculiarity – should not be limited only to the scientific experiments (research). By exploring the depth of spiritual knowledge, with modern understanding, by means of practicable ways, it is possible, to make it applicable, to physical lives, in a practically utilizable way… Human being, not with after-death imaginations and wishes but, it is indeed possible for the modern human being – who is able to make the far off space exploration successful – to bring…, the spiritual analysis, to practical realistic state, into the utilization of life.

God/Gods, their worlds, Goddesses, divine messengers (angels)…, so also, Soul – Jeevatmn, binding of karma – succession – of birth; sin – virtue; hell – heaven; Siva's abode (heaven) – Vishnu's paradise; liberation – salvation; entry into other world…, which are heard in the speeches made, in connection with religion – spirituality, by describing with the meaning, intention, relating to the aforementioned, by making-known, the need human being has, with them, while it is made-known reasonably that, in what way, are they, beyond the comprehension, of the physical life… even the common man, can know at least to some extent, about the spiritual knowledge. So also, Creation – Nature, organism – Nature, organism – human being – body, Life Force (Prana) – mind – Jeevatmn (self) – Spirit…, relating to these, if the material knowledge, and the realistic 'binding' of life in it, is made-known to people, thereby, human being by knowing, physical primary, its importance…, spirituality, its eminence; so also, for spiritual eminence, for it the qualities and quantities of physical (stairway) flight of steps, thereby, there would be a chance, to observe and comprehend, the nearness, and intimacy of those two, so also their existence, and mutual dependency. With that, relating to daily life, not considering, materiality – spirituality, separately, there would be a chance that the human being, in his lifetime itself, can experience the result of their coordination. To say that 'Spiritual Soul is present in the physical body itself' is the example for it. The proposal – practice… practicability, of religious humanism..., practical philosophy, in the path of ascension, is for that very reason indeed!

Corporeal – Incorporeal; Visible – Invisible; Constant – Transient – Religious Humanism is Physical Dharma – Practical Philosophy is Entity of Spirituality

Form (Corporeal) – formless (Incorporeal); visible – invisible; eternal – transient, basis should not be applied just, only for the body and its lifetime. That is applicable, even for the matter of Creation. This is applicable, even for the bodies of Gods, who are supposed to have been incarnated, and for the interval of time of their life also. In the understanding of Soul and philosophy, until the learning of, karma – succession of birth, there is no 'steady settlement' for 'Soul' embedded in the body. If so, similar to, the Universal Energy, which is the 'causer' for the formation of matter of Creation, has the eternity of entity of its source…, for the primordial elements, which are the causes, for the matter related, transient body formation, with the shape of body, to that extent, although there is no eternity, as the property of matter, there is formless invisible 'eternity', for it in the Nature. As a matter of fact, even for the Universal Energy – which is thought to be eternal – until the transient, internal existence of the matter, in the limit of nature–and body, for the absence, of eternity of fixed existence, of primordial elements, by principle, there is similarity. So, when eternity and transiency are examined, the reality of existence, of corporeal – incorporeal, visible – invisible should be recognized and paid attention to. In the same way, the eternity of Soul, so also, with the view of existence of Jeevatmn, in the body, the eternity of 'essential' existence of body; the eternal, instinct of the Nature, of primordial elements, which are the causes for its (body's) formation…; with the standard based on the laws of entity, of consciousness of Soul, movement of matter of Creation, attempt has to be made, for the understanding of 'Energy – Creation'.

In this way, physical – matter, spiritual (soul) form, formless, visible – invisible; transient – eternal…., so also, visual existence of the physical life of body, spiritual, invisible existence of basis (source), by examining, researching, the basis – dependant, inseparable relationship, present in between them, thoroughly, completely, analyzingly – elevatedly, elatedly – enlightendly, by recognizing the physical reality, its certainty (Real Cause) present in that order…., along with the transiency, of their, existence, should be able to become aware of the eternal truth. In the path of practice of Dhyanaprasthan, this opportunity, will be present with the 'sense' of feeling of Spiritual Consciousness, and divine consciousness. This can be clear in Religious Humanism, as law of materiality…., in Practical Philosophy as spiritual entity…

Like this, religion in the name of God, the importance of the realistic, life, of the physical life of human being…, with the name of Soul, the philosophical, spiritual eminence, although is publicized, separately, relating to human life, human mind, its knowledge should be transcended, to the state, level of, recognizing, and applying the coordination of the mutually dependent, existence, of those two; the objective of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan is this only…!

The Objective and Necessity of (Ascent Dhyana) Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan – Practical Philosophy

Through Ascent Dhyana (Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan) to reach to the state of “The Mind of Moral Sanctity”, in the minimum – to know the physical life duties and rights – to know the importance of physical and spiritual coordination – as the mind is formed (but does not exist constantly), from time to time, to cause the mind to form based on its usage/utilization, thereby through practice only, by means of Dhyana Yoga to cause the mind to reach the spiritual highest state (merge with Supreme Soul), from its physical state, and to cause the feeling of Soul, to it, happens.

In Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, along with causing highest state, for Sensorium Mind, in various stages, only to try in suitability for change, in the execution, of daily life but, not, karma-birth-life…, succession of birth, and freedom from rebirth related, ascension. This method of meditation of Manoprasthan itself… can be, practiced, to spiritual, ‘awareness’ of Supreme Wisdom. Thereby, Jeevatmn – Conscience, Soul – Divine Soul… like this, by going beyond, various stages of meditation, by causing the mind to reach Supreme Soul and Universal… the feeling of Mother Universe can be obtained. Not liberation – salvation indeed. In this way, the AdiShankarA’s exegesis that, 'knowledge itself is salvation', can be made applicable to life, as ‘Practical Philosophy’.

Human – God – Practical Philosophy

Creation is, use; human – means, human intelligence is, its utilization… So also, God – religion – philosophy… like this, spirituality also, should be helpful, for human life, and for the progress of human society. In suitability, to that, human has to practically prove, the certainty called – 'of the human – by the human – for the human'. For that very reason are, science experiments – technology performances. So also, the religious publicity, which happens, in the name of God – and the philosophy, which is being preached, Soul as principal too, should make improvements to the human life, meaningfully, to the certainty of implementation and, experience. Should show, path of progress, for human mind. Realistic naturality only, should become, the standard of life. For that very reason, theoretical philosophy, spirituality, should be transformed, as 'Practical Philosophy'. Human mind should be transcended as humanness – so also, the subtility of Soul, in human being, as compassion. With this viewpoint only, the questions, 'What is God?' 'Who is human?' without opposing anything, except for making an attempt, for understanding, of the certainty of subject, it should be examined, with no other intention. In saying 'incorporeal divinity – corporeal God', what does, 'corporeal – incorporeal', mean? What should be, called divinity? Why that should only be called, 'Corporeal God'? Thereby, what and why is the direct – indirect, influenced result, caused, to the human life – everyone must examine, like this. In this, there is no need of, involvement of, religion, philosophy related – personal belief, trust, tradition, implementation.

Sphoorthi Oum
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